Rahab’s Corner Sponsorships

Rahab’s Corner provides each resident with the opportunity to acquire skills whether through primary/secondary/collegiate education or through vocational training (e.g. hair dressing, sewing classes, artistry, etc.). The cost of education/training varies depending on the path chosen by our residents. Whatever the cost, our residents are passionate and hopeful about their futures and need partnerships from people like you to bring their dreams to fruition.
If you would like to sponsor the education or training of one of our residents, please click on their picture below and set up a monthly giving plan to support their needs.

Sponsor Angel


Age: 18

Angel has been with Rahab’s Corner since the summer of 2015. She attended hairdressing training with some of the other residents but was not thriving in that environment. She loves to care for the young children at RC and she enjoys cooking. Angel continues in trauma healing counseling.

Sponsor Angel

Mary is Sponsored


Age: 24

Mary recently completed her studies at Makere Business University where she received a degree in Entrepreneurship and hopes to work in farming on a large scale. Mary and her daughter, Deb (4 years) have been with Rahab’s Corner since 2015. She is a confident, smart and kind young woman. She is in the process of doing an internship with a company to gain experience – this experience costs money in Uganda. We will be covering her costs for the experience in hopes that it will help her obtain full time employment.

Sponsor Mary

Sponsor Angela


Age: 17

Angela is the oldest child among 7 siblings. She was studying at Green Hill Academy in Kasenge village but due to lack of financial support from her poor parents she could not continue with her education. So for one whole year she has not studied because she cannot afford school fees. Angela lives in the village surrounding Rahab’s Corner.
Angela loves to study and still has hope that one day her dream to finish school will come to pass.

Sponsor Angela

Sponsor Ramula


Age: 14

Ramula stays in the village with her mother. Her father left the family when Ramula was 8 years old. She is the second-born among the 6 siblings. She is in senior 1 in New Hope Secondary School. Her mother struggles daily to support her children and faces a big challenge to pay school fees for her 6 children.

Sponsor Ramula

Sponsor Noreen


Age: 16

She studies in Senior 1 class. Noreen is the third born among 4 children. She stays with both of her parents who are poor farmers in the village. They struggle to support their children’s education and at the moment Noreen is at the level of dropping out of school. Noreen is a very smart girl who has the passion of singing in church. She is so intelligent and can have a bright future.

Sponsor Noreen

Sponsor Florence


Age: 10

She is in Primary 4. Florence is 10th child of her father. Florence stays with her step mother after being abandoned by her mother. The father is an old local farmer in the village who has a big family to support.
Most of her siblings dropped out of school due to lack of school fees and Florence’s education is at risk as well.

Sponsor Florence

Sponsor Gift


Age: 14

Gift is the oldest of four children. Gift lives with her mother and her siblings. She is in Primary 7. Gift’s mother has no job but provides hard labor (like digging) for people around the village to survive. Gift is a precious child who loves to learn and thrives in school.

Sponsor Gift

Winnie is Sponsored


Age: 13

Winnie was born in Mpata, Mukono district. She was living in Wakiso from where police handed her
over to Pure & Faultless for the sake of saving her from shameless men who were allegedly
abusing her young womanhood.

Sponsor Winnie

Rashida is Sponsored


Age: 23

Rashida is a jolly, humorous mother of a two-year-old little girl. Rashida lost both of her parents and grew up with a series of relatives who at the level of senior 2 she dropped out of school after the guardians failed to support in school. She was found in Katwe slums where she was living with a friend after being chased away from her grandmother’s home because of a pregnancy which she could not manage to cater for after being neglected by her boyfriend. Rashida has a passion for music, she wants to learn how to play different music instruments. At the moment she is learning to play a bass guitar and drums too. Rashida is part of the music worship team at the Mending the Soul Church.

Sponsor Rashida

Brenda is Sponsored


Age: 20

Brenda hails from Butende Village in Kamuli district from where she studied up to senior two and dropped out of school after the death of her mother.

Brenda is a carefree and happy girl though with a minor mental disorder which is being treated by Rahab’s Corner. She was picked from Kisenyi slums of Kampala where she was living with her brother who was a drug addict and seller of different drugs like marijuana in order to earn a living. This exposed Brenda to slum risks since she would also help the brother in the business which made her a drug addict too, causing the brain disorder.

Sponsor Brenda

Prossy is Sponsored


Age: 23

Prossy is oldest child in her family. She was born in Luwero district where she was staying with her siblings her mother. She was forced to drop out of school after losing her dear mother who used to struggle hard to pay her school fees. She then moved to Kisenyi slum in Kampala with her siblings to look for survival. This forced Prossy to try some jobs that put her in vulnerable situations in order to earn a living and support her siblings.

Prossy is a determined, smart, focused girl with big dreams of the future. She is now pursuing and exceling in a hair dressing course sponsored by Pure & Faultless.

Sponsor Prossy

Ruth is Sponsored


Age: 15

Ruth was living with her grandmother in Bukalango where she was raped by a family friend who is in his mid 50s. This resulted into her becoming pregnant and the birth of her baby, who did not survive. As that was not enough at that young age she also developed a disease called fistula and for 2 years suffered from this horrible situation due to insufficient support.

Through the probation officer, Pure & Faultless ministries admitted Ruth to Rahab’s corner where got treatment for her fistula and has been gong trough trauma counseling. Ruth is very hard working and jolly and wants to learn catering.

Sponsor Ruth

Grace is Sponsored


Age: 21

Grace was born in Busabala village Bugerere, Kayunga district and grew up with both of her parents up to 5 years old when her mother divorced and left Grace with her father. After primary five, Grace dropped out of school and started working as a house help and was later impregnated by a boyfriend who neglected her and her baby, which caused her father to chase her away from home.

In 2015, Pure & Faultless rescued Grace and her baby boy, Vikram, from the Kisenyi slums where she was doing drugs and putting herself in vulnerable situations to earn a living. After going through counselling life skills training, Grace is studying a hair dressing course. Grace is living in a transitional home and is preparing to resettle in the coming months. Her living expenses and schooling are supported by Pure & Faultless.

Sponsor Grace

Mariam is Sponsored


Age: 19

Mariam is originally from Fort Portal, Kabarole district. Due to continuous fights between her parents, her mother divorced and later the father died leaving Mariam with her siblings at her paternal grandmother’s home. Her grandmother had insufficient resources to care for Mariam and her siblings hence giving her to an aunt who took Mariam to Kampala in Kivulu slum where she was raped and ended up pregnant with a baby boy.

Mariam vulnerably joined Pure & Faultless in 2015 when she was six months pregnant after being sexually defiled by her aunt’s boyfriend. Mariam is jolly, loving, hard working caring young mother to her son, Samuel. She wants to become the best beautician in the whole Kampala town. Mariam is living in a transitional home and her living expenses and schooling is sponsored by Pure & Faultless.

Sponsor Mariam

Sarah is Sponsored


Age: 22

Sarah joined Pure & Faultless in 2015 and was originally born in Fort portal – Kabarole district. She was raised up by a single mother after her father left home for another relationship. Sarah completed ordinary level of education and moved to an aunt’s home where life became unbearable for her, forcing her to join the Kisenyi slum where she could sleep on people’s balconies and video halls.

Sarah is assertive hard working girl with a high self-esteem. She has completed a sewing program and is designing and selling her fashions. Sarah lives in a transitional home and is supported financially by Pure & Faultless.

Sponsor Sarah

Pasquina is Sponsored


Age: 19

Pasquina came to Rahab’s Corner on request to get trauma counseling and life skills. She is south Sudanese refugee from Bididi camp which is found in Northern Uganda. She grew up with a stepmother after her mother was killed in the war.

She suffered different abuses which caused her to go through a lot of trauma. Despite all this she an intelligent, clean and organized girl who also loves to knit and has a loving heart for children.

Pasquina’s dream is to become a nurse so that she could can serve others in refugee camps.

Sponsor Pasquina

Fazira is Sponsored


Age: 15

Fazira is originally from Namutumba district from where she set off to Kampala to seek for a job. Unfortunately, she lost her way and the police handed her over to Pure & Faultless where she is safe and happy.

Fazira is humble, shy, obedient and with a small hearing problem.

Sponsor Fazira

Esther is Sponsored


Age: 3

Esther was picked from Nansana in 2015 with her mother who had mental disorder and taken to Butabika mental hospital from where she escaped and got lost up to date.

Esther has remained under the care and support of Pure & Faultless Ministries.

Sponsor Esther

Raneah is Sponsored


Age: 2

Raneah is the daughter of one of our girls called Rashida. Both of them were picked from Katwe slum in 2017 and are being supported by Pure & Faultless.

Sponsor Raneah



Age: 15

Linette is in primary six class at New Hope Primary School, Kasege – Wakiso district. She joined Pure & Faultless ministries in 2015 when she was living with an elderly maternal grandmother in Makerere – Kivulu after losing her mother to HIV/AIDS.

Linette is jovial, talkative and playful.

Sponsor Linette

Sawuya is Sponsored


Age: 13

Sawuya is a primary five pupil of new hope primary school Kasenge – Wakiso. She was living in the Makerere – Kivulu slums where she was living with her drug addicted mother and her siblings. In 2015, Pure & Faultless ministries realized the potential in Sawuya and took her under their care and support up to now. Sawuya is jovial, open minded and youthful. She wants to be a pilot one day.

Sponsor Sawuya

Darren is Sponsored


Age: 12

Darren was born in Kasengejja where she initially lived with both of her parents until she lost her father at 7 years of age. After the demise of her father, Darren’s paternal grandfather sold off all their land and home where they were staying, causing the once united family to be disorganized and broken. Darren’s mother then sent her to stay with a friend in quest for help, unfortunately the misery at Darren’s mother’s friend was unbearable that caused Pure & Faultless to take on Darren in 2015. Darren currently lives with her mother and siblings and is attending Primary six under the care and financial support of Pure & Faultless.

Sponsor Darren

Diana is Sponsored


Age: 13

Diana lost her dear mother on the day she was born and her father also died after one year, leaving her a total orphan. She was forced to go stay with her paternal aunt who mistreated her to the extent of living to be defiled by her husband. Since 2015, Diana is now safe and secure under the help of Pure & Faultless and she is now in primary six class at new hope primary school Kasenge – Wakiso district.

Diana is intelligent, jolly and open minded and wants to become a lawyer so that she can stand and fight for children who have gone through the same situation like hers.

Sponsor Diana

Penninah is Sponsored


Age: 15

Penninah is a boarding senior 1 student at light college Bulenga. She is humble and focused, she came to us from the Makerere Kivulu slums where she was living with her mother in absence of her father who left home when she was still very young and has never come back. Peninnah is intelligent, self-driven and focused. She dreams of being a surgeon one day.

Sponsor Penninah

Justine is Sponsored


Age: 17

Justine is in senior 2 at Light College Bulenga boarding school. She was rescued by pure & Faultless in 2016 from Kisenyi slum where she was living with her single mother who was unable to pay her school fees. Justine is a humble, soft spoken, clean and smart girl.

Sponsor Justine

Natasha is Sponsored


Age: 14

Natasha is a primary 6 girl at new hope primary school Kasenge – Wakiso district. She is originally from Bugerere – Kayunga district, where she was living with her single mother who later gave Natasha to her sister who was living in Makerere – Kivulu slum to help Natasha with education since her mother was unable to raise school fees.

In 2015, Pure & Faultless ministries rescued Natasha from a hopeless needy life after going through a nasty experience of rape and defilement.

Natasha is determined, hardworking, passionate, self-driven and loves to study.

Sponsor Natasha

Prisca is Sponsored


Age: 18

Prisca was living with her father after her mother was married to another man. Prisca was allegedly raped by her own father. This prompted her to run away from home and also resulted into her getting pregnant and gave birth to twin daughters.
Prisca is a straightforward zealous girl who is also very honest with her emotions. She is interested in becoming a prominent beautician in the future and a model.

Sponsor Prisca

Flavia is Sponsored


Age: 18

Flavia lost her father at an infant age, leaving her with her single mother who was struggled to pay her school fees. Flavia is a principled young girl who enjoys looking smart and beautiful. She is undertaking a catering course in Pope Paul Memorial Institute, being sponsored by Pure & Faultless.

Sponsor Flavia

Hanifah is Sponsored


Age: 15

Hanifah is soft spoken and lovely. She was born in Kiboga district where she was raised by her single mother, who had separated with her father. Her mother did her best to provide all the basic needs and education up to secondary level where she got stuck could no longer raise full school fees, forcing Hanifah to drop out of school and ending in kisenyi slums where she was involved in any king of hard labour to earn a living. In 2017 she was rescued by Pure & Faultless and was given residential support, together with trauma counselling. She now has high hopes of pursuing her studies and hopes to attend Light College Bulenga boarding school.

Sponsor Hanifah

Joel and Jovia are Sponsored

Joel and Jovia

Age: 10

Joel and Jovia are twins (boy and girl) of Kate, who was being taken care of and is now being resettled by Pure & Faultless. They are in Primary five class at African Hearts Primary boarding school and are supported financially by Pure & Faultless.

Sponsor Joel and Jovia

Winnie is Sponsored


Age: 16

Winnie is a mother of one son called Jeremiah. She was rescued by Pure & Faultless from Nansana police station after being neglected by the father of her son. The probation officer with the help of police requested that Winnie and her baby be offered residential support at Rahab’s Corner as a safe place. Winnie is a smart girl who has a passion for church and at the moment she is learning to playing a piano.

Sponsor Winnie

Deborah is Sponsored


Age: 4

Deborah is the daughter of Mary, who joined Pure & Faultless in 2015. Mary recently completed her studies at University and resides at Rahab’s Corner, helping out with bookkeeping and leadership.

Deborah has joined school and she is in baby class (preschool).

Sponsor Deborah