Being the hands and feet of Jesus
to a broken world
Kaley Puckett

Kaley Puckett


Kaley grew up in Indianapolis IN with her mother and two sisters. Her father took his own life when she was just three years old. She witnessed her mother’s love for Jesus and saw her faith in God to care for the widow and the fatherless first hand. After coming to know Jesus at a young age she felt the burden to care and love others by serving them. Over the years she has developed a heart for those in false religions and continues to have a heart to serve the pure and faultless.

Kaley and her husband moved to Chicago 5 years ago to start a gospel centered multiethnic church, Renewal Church of Chicago. She and Derrick Puckett have been married for 10 years and together they have four beautiful daughters (Ramiyah, Elyana, Isabelle, Nalah) and one handsome son (DJ). She is a homemaker and personal trainer by trade.