Some missions ministries send people to do the work. Others plant people there. What makes Pure & Faultless different is that we identify faithful, tested missions organizations and people of God already there and enable them to change lives!


By sending money and resources. It’s that simple. And it’s also that effective. If we did not function like this, we could not function at all. That’s why we at Pure & Faultless rely heavily on YOU.

We are a very small ministry that has a huge backyard. Very quickly, we’ve seen lives change in four different needy countries in the world.

On this Giving Tuesday, won’t you do a simple thing and ask the Lord what YOUR role in giving to this ministry is, so that we can continue to be used by the Lord in Haiti, Ukraine, Uganda, and Rwanda?

Dear friends, every dollar makes a huge difference!

Go HERE to commit monthly to our ministry. All gifts are tax-deductible. And thank you for joining arms with us!