Little in life can prepare you for the stories of the women and girls of Rahab’s Corner.  While we sit in our safe homes, thousands of miles away, or perhaps just a few miles away , girls are being hurt.  Girls who do not know they have value; girls who have never known the meaning of true love.

The Rahab’s Corner staff has spent significant time in the slums of Kampala, hearing life stories and getting to know the women and girls who are being prostituted.  Their hearts are broken. Twelve, thirteen and fourteen year-old girls having sex with men for nothing – not even a coin – only the mere promise of a small meal.  Sixteen and Seventeen year-olds who have children, are selling themselves to survive.

Perhaps the most devastating story is about a girl we met last week.  *Hope.  Hope is 14 years old, and is an orphan who lost both parents to AIDS.  After the death of her parents, she moved in with her aunt in the slum.  Her aunt is prostituted and sells vegetables and alcohol from her home.


One night, left alone at home to manage their in-home store, Hope was violently raped by a would-be customer.  Prior to this rape, she was a virgin.  Hope was threatened with her life if she told anyone about the assault, so she kept quiet.  But before long, even though her voice spoke nothing, her body told the secret she was keeping.  Hope is pregnant.

At 14 years old, Hope is six months pregnant.  She has had no pre-natal care and has not been tested for HIV.  Hope lives in constant fear and will not leave her house.  As a result of the attack, she rarely speaks, so horrible is the trauma she has endured.

On Tuesday, Hope and a few other girls will move from this hell to the safety of Rahab’s Corner where we will breathe life into them, make sure Hope and her baby are healthy, and begin immediate crisis counseling.

Even as we move Hope and a few others to safety, we weep over the ones we are leaving behind.  Hundreds, thousands, just like them.  We can’t walk away from any of them.

Our dreams for the prostituted women and girls of Uganda are big.  The current Rahab’s Corner home is good, but not enough.  It’s merely a starting point.  There, we will bring hope and life to a few while we pray and dream about the land and expanded facilities God has laid on our hearts.  Our monthly expenses to operate the current home are $3,000.  This includes housing, food, counseling, salaries for our staff, education, and other living expenses.  We also need to establish a robust medical fund of about $5,000 to cover the ongoing needs of the women, many of whom are pregnant or parenting small children.  We are asking you to partner with us today in monthly support of Hope and others like her.  You can sign up here.

*Throughout our Rahab’s Corner ministry and associated posts, all names will be changed to protect the women and girls we serve.

— Written by Lynsay Lewis