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  • 2015

Mabel Dances with Jesus

Nine months ago, in March, Lynsay and I had just left Uganda when I learned about Mabel.  Dr. Craig Sable, who loved her and had cared for her for many years, called Lynsay and asked her to work a miracle:  find a U.S. family willing to adopt Mabel, who had lost both of her parents.  Without becoming a US Citizen, Mabel would die of a broken heart.  In the US, she stood a chance of receiving a hero heart and living, free from heart disease.  How could we not rise to that challenge?
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  • Oct
  • 2015

When caring does not mean adopting

The Bible is replete with commands about caring for the poor, concern for the least of these, and love for vulnerable people.  Our ministry, Pure & Faultless, is based on James 1:27 which specifically speaks to caring for two of the most overlooked groups of that time – widows and orphans.  As I have journeyed in faith, I have come to understand what caring for people in Jesus’ name might look like in my life.
When I first heard about Mabel in March, my heart leapt for her.  I was broken over her situation and drawn toRead more

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