Rahab’s Corner in Uganda was launched in 2015 to assist women and girls in the slums who needed a restart on their lives. Many of our residents have been prostituted and all of them have experienced severe poverty, hunger and despair.

We are on a mission to secure sponsors for each of our residents and their children. For just $35 a month, you can be a part of giving hope to women who have felt hopeless. You can help provide schooling to children who love to learn. You can be a part of teaching skills to young women who want to provide for their families with decency.


But the real reason to sponsor? It changes lives.

Meet Miriam. When Miriam came to Rahab’s Corner a couple of years ago, she was pregnant. But Miriam wasn’t feeling all of the “warm and fuzzy” feelings about her baby. No, she was depressed; hiding her growing stomach; wishing she could make her baby go away. Miriam’s eyes betrayed the desperation she felt. The light was gone, and a deep sadness looked back at me. Who could blame her? Miriam’s life had been difficult, met with challenges no one should face and offenses beyond imagination. My heart was wrecked for Miriam when I met her and her young son in the summer of 2016.


This summer, I had the pleasure to see Miriam again and whoa…. I almost didn’t recognize her! Miriam smiles…. A deep-from-her-heart smile that is genuine and reflects the love she feels. She looked me in the eye. She is proud. She has deep, true friends. And Miriam? She knows Jesus.  

I think about Miriam and my heart smiles. She has known such pain in her life because of all she has experienced. But now? Now, she knows peace. And safety. And joy. And love. She is training to be a hair dresser and she is motivated! For my part, I couldn’t be more proud of Miriam – for how hard she has worked; for the way she has seized the opportunity before her; for how she leaned in and trusted strangers.


Sponsorship works. Miriam? She has a sponsor. But our other residents are waiting for you to step up for them today! Won’t you give a little? It will mean a lot! Join us in Uganda through your giving and your prayers. We can’t wait to share the transforming results of your giving!  To God be all the glory!