Rwanda – Sisters of Agnes

RwandaLand-loPure & Faultless is excited to support children in Kigali, Rwanda. Like in many parts of the world, children in Rwanda are vulnerable to sexual violence. Children without support systems or suffering from disabilities are at risk for continued abuse. Pure & Faultless walks alongside young girls who need support after suffering at the hands of perpetrators of sexual violence.

Sisters of Agnes was born in 2015. Orphaned at a young age, Agnes took a job as a house worker at the age of sixteen. Soon after, the owner of the house raped her, and she became pregnant. The wife of the perpetrator kicked out Agnes from the home, and she lived on the street while eight months pregnant until a kind stranger took her in.

Agnes has an incredibly strong spirit and the personality of a fighter. She has faith in God’s love for her. From hauling water for pennies with a young baby to now running a successful sewing business and mentoring other survivors, she has put her son’s well-being first. Her son is now seven-years-old and excelling in school.

Agnes is our inspiration for caring for other survivors. We see her courage and enthusiasm for being a young mother. We currently serve other young women and girls who are raising their babies. A professional social worker directs the Sisters of Agnes program, providing trauma-informed counseling and sexual and reproductive health education. Sisters of Agnes surrounds each client with social support, economic empowerment, and fees for education.