Being the hands and feet of Jesus
to a broken world


RwandaLand-loPure & Faultless is excited to support children in Kigali, Rwanda.  Like in many parts of the world, children in Rwanda are vulnerable to sexual violence. Children without support systems or suffering from disabilities are at risk for continued abuse. Pure & Faultless walks alongside several young girls who need support after suffering at the hands of perpetrators of sexual violence.

These ten girls have been identified by local social workers in Kigali, who together with our on the ground coordinator will continue to monitor their health and education.

All names below are pseudonyms to protect their identities.

Rachel is a seventeen-year-old girl who is deaf and suffers from mental and physical disabilities. Her parents died when she was young. After her caretaker aunt passed away, a neighbor took her into her home. Rachel became pregnant following an assault by a man in her neighborhood. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Rachel is in need of monthly support for her boarding school, which covers food as well.  Only $50 a month will put her through boarding school for a full year.

Georgette’s mother died when she was an infant. When she was a teenager, her father was released from prison for committing crimes of genocide. Her father took her in as his wife, and she became pregnant. Her father threatened her and her baby’s lives, and she was forced to run away. Georgette is in need of monthly support ($20/month) for food for her and for her child. Her boarding school costs are also $50 a month for a full year.

Orphaned at a young age, Angelique took a job as a house worker at the age of sixteen. Soon after, the owner of the house raped her, and she became pregnant. The wife of the perpetrator kicked out Angelique from the home, and she lived on the street while eight months pregnant until a kind stranger took her in. She now has a healthy three-year-old son, received her training in sewing, and is now trying to eek out a living being a tailor.  We would like to see Angelique get her business off the ground to be self-sufficient.  In the meantime, we want to help her with a gift of $50 a month for essentials.

Florence is seventeen now.  Two years ago, she took a job as house worker when the boss raped her.  She contracted HIV and Hepatitis C and had her medical care paid for by an organization that is no longer in Rwanda.  We are currently exploring options for her future, but in the meantime, please join your prayers with hers as she is believing God for a miraculous healing of those two horrendous diseases.

Claudette, a young teenager with mental disabilities, was raped by a man in her neighborhood at the age of
eleven. She attended counseling and is attending a boarding school for children with disabilities. Forty dollars a month will help Claudette with her housing and education.

Beatrice was kidnapped and raped at the age of seven.  She has since returned home to live with her parents, but the cultural stigmas against her are strong. Because of the publicity of her case, everyone in her village knows her past.  So for Beatrice’s protection, she is currently attending boarding school away from her village to have a f
resh start.  Now ten years old, Beatrice is doing exceptionally well!  Intensive counseling was successful and is now complete!  So she’s focusing on her schooling and loving it!  To keep her there, she needs $75 a month.

Jeanne became pregnant as a result of rape.  We helped her with financial support for pre- and post-natal care.  Now Jeanne, at eighteen, is doing well living at home.  However, we still cover expenses for our social worker, Souvenir, to do regular visits, since her mother at one time kicked her out.  Currently, the mother has accepted her back and things are going smoothly.  But that couldrwanda2
change at any moment.  Her infant daughter, Noella, is as precious as they crwanda6ome.  We endeavor to train Jeanne in her dream career–photography–and even purchase a decent camera on which to learn and make a business, a LIFE for herself!

Our prayer is that all of these girls have sponsors!  When donating to a particular girl or girls or need, please specify in the comment section of the giving page below.




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