I love this sign!

I saw it when meeting one of the young women in Rwanda who was the victim of a heartbreaking crime, committed by her own father.

As I walked around this safe location where Pure & Faultless placed her, the sign stopped me in my tracks.  We sponsor her schooling, the daycare for her young son, all necessary supplies, and anything else she requires to make a new start in life with her Savior, Jesus Christ.  Including her own Bible, which she brandishes unashamedly.

Having lived in California for many years, I have grown to love the champion basketball team, the Golden State Warriors.  The team and their fans often wear a T-shirt that says it all–“Strength in Numbers.”  The reason why they stand out among the 29 other teams in the NBA is because they take that rallying cry seriously.  And it’s the main reason why a huge star player recently wanted to join the team.


It’s teamwork.  No egos.  No ball-hogging.

Our “strength in numbers” comes from you.  We cannot help people like this girl in Rwanda without you.  Just as there are “a great cloud of witnesses,” like it says in Hebrews 12:1, who surround all of us in Christ, so WE are the great cloud surrounding this girl.  And so many others like her around the world.


You…and us.

Won’t you help us continue to make a difference in the lives of all of those we help like this precious girl in Rwanda?  You can donate HERE, and we will distribute the funds where most needed.

Because of you, dear friends, our strength in numbers will never have a weak link!

God bless you and prosper you for all that you do to help this wonderful ministry.