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10 November 2018 / P&F Rahab's Corner Uganda

Link arms through sponsorship!

Rahab’s Corner in Uganda was launched in 2015 to assist women and girls in the slums who needed a restart on their lives. Many of our residents have been prostituted and all of them have experienced severe poverty, hunger and despair. We are on a mission to secure sponsors for each of our residents and their children. For just $35 a month, you can be a part of giving hope to women who have felt hopeless. You can help provide schooling to children who love to learn. You can be a part of teaching skills to young women who want...
30 January 2017 / Uganda

When “Jesus Calls” in Uganda

“Come to me with a teachable spirit, eager to be changed.” This is the very first line of the book, Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young, that Penninah is holding up in the photo. What a powerful message for the first day of January in a book! It’s a call from Jesus to be teachable and to be eager. And Penninah possesses both of those qualities. Like the other girls at Rahab’s Corner in Uganda. Imagine being a destitute young girl living in a slum, resorting to whatever it takes to make money to buy food to survive. Imagine...
19 December 2016 / Uncategorized

Intern Report from Rahab’s Corner!

Our beloved interns, Chris and Kazden Duggan, are finding their feet in our brand-new Rahab’s Corner in Uganda.  Here is an honest account of their challenges and victories since they’ve been there these short few weeks.  Thank you, Chris and Kaz, for being such a blessing to these precious young ladies! We were so excited to move to Uganda to work with Pure & Faultless at Rahab’s Corner and preparing and planning the big move took months. We had been praying and asked others to join us in prayer leading up to our move date. In...

Rahab’s Corner

Our Board decided to focus its efforts in 2017 on the growth and development of Rahab’s Corner in Uganda.  As a home for women and girls who have experienced severe trauma, we the US church has an opportunity to link arms with our Ugandan brothers and sisters in Christ as we seek to bring hope to the most vulnerable in Uganda’s slums.

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